The Critical Care Line

(CCL) is a new and novel concept that is specifically designed for the medical operator to enhance the care provided to the injured in their time of need.  The CCL has been specifically designed to meet the needs of the critically injured patient that needs blood products and drug delivery.

Current intravenous infusion sets are limited to either standard Y-tubing for blood products (with no drug ports) or Crystalloid Drip sets with drug ports.  The CCL combines these two patient care pathways into one system.  The CCL exponentially increases the capability on the medics back without increasing weight or cubic space.

Critical Care Line, IV/IO Infusion Set is a light-weight, low-cube medical device that allows for the infusion of all blood products, crystalloids, and emergency medications.  All in a single device.


  • Multifunction fluid administration line that can be converted from crystalloid administration to blood products without the need to gain additional vascular access
  • Integrated 170 micron filter compatible with all FDA approved blood products
  • Two needless ports placed at optimal locations for medication administration
  • Eliminates the need to carry standard blood “Y-tubing” in addition to standard fluid administration sets
  • Reduces logistical footprint required during operations with limited resupply
  • Is at an optimal length (90”) for seamless transition during TACEVAC regardless of platform (H-60m H-47, V-22, C-130, etc.)

Critical Care Line Uses:

  • Hemorrhagic Shock – blood Product Delivery (FWB, WB, PRBCs, Plasma, and Platelets).
  • Head Injury – Compatible with 3% Hypertonic Saline
  • Dehydration – The CCL can be used with all crystalloid fluids (eliminating the need to carry any addition lines in your kit)
  • CBRN Exposure – The CCL can be used for the continuous infusion of Pralidoximine (2-Pam) after initial stabilization of the patient with auto-injectors.  With the additional IV spike, a crystalloid solution with Atropine can be hung to dry secretions in the airway, thus allowing for continuous infusion of 2-Pam, while allowing the titration of Atropine to patient response.

Weight: 1.5 oz / Dimentions: 14.8″ x 8.7″ x 1.75″ (package)

Made in USA / FDA 510(K) cleared

Patent Pending

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