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emOx powdered oxygen system



emOx is a medical device/breathing apparatus which produces emergency oxygen through an exothermic chemical reaction of naturally occurring powders. emOx is an invaluable device that can save lives in any emergency situation, regardless of the location or circumstance; in the air, at sea, urban or rural. emOx is reliable and requires no power source.


emOx is economical, lightweight, portable, and reusable.  It takes less than a minute to charge the emOx unit which will provide a15 minute treatment of pure oxygen. The emOx cylinder can be recharged over and over as needed.  emOx powder charges can be safely stored indefinitely. The emOx system is light weight and is convenient for travel, where heavier pressurized or concentrator oxygen systems are impractical, illegal or unavailable.


The complete emOx unit kit includes three (3) 15 minute oxygen treatments, 500 ml water container, lightweight cylinder, tubing, mask, humidifier and high impact cap. The entire system weighs only 2kg., including the convenient carry case with shoulder strap.  The emOx unit has ZERO moving parts so there is no possibility of mechanical failure.


The oxygen is produced by mixing two (2) naturally occurring powders with water to produce oxygen with a purity of 99.7%.  Each treatment produces a minimum of 15 minutes of warm, humidified oxygen at an average mean flow rate of 3 liters per minute.


emOx powders are certified environmentally friendly, The residual by product is non-corrosive, biodegradable and safe to dispose in to the environment. emOx naturally occurring powders have a zero flash point they are non-flammable, non-explosive qualifying  emOx to be certified, safe to fly on aircraft and unrestricted for all other modes of transportation.


emOx can be placed virtually in any location:


  • Lifeguard Stations at Pools or Beaches, and Amusement Parks
  • Schools, Government Buildings,
  • Construction, Industrial Sites, Mine, and Factories, Boats
  • Hurricane shelters, Airports, Buses, Trains and their Stations
  • Retirement homes, Day care centers, Homes and offices


emOx is a valuable tool for first responders such as: CERT ,law enforcement, rescue teams, military and security services.


emOx is FDA & EU Registered and approved


Green Dot Systems Inc. is authorized by emOx LTD PTY

As “Official Registered Agent of the Americas”







emOx  has many applications can be placed virtually in any location:


  • Rural areas out of reach of pressurized oxygen
  • Back country hiking and Back packing, Cross country skiing
  • Mountain Climbing, Underground Mine exploration
  • Forest fire fighters. Park Rangers and Rescue Teams
  • Dive Boats, Submersible Marine craft, Ocean exploration
  • National Parks, Wilderness Preserves, and remote Outposts




Below, is a partial list of the major organizations around the world that have been using emOx in disaster areas for the last seventeen (17) years.




« United Nations….. emOx International (Pty.) Ltd. Is a registered vendor

«  Mines Advisory Group head office in the U.K. purchased units that were sent to

«  M.A.G. Iraq contact. Mr. Peter Wright

«  M.A.G. Vietnam contact.  Mrs. Phoung

«  M.A.G. Democratic Rep. of Congo contact. Mr. Peter Wright

«  M.A.G. Chad, Siera Leone, Darfur, Iran

«  Agility Defense and Gov’t. of Kuwait contact. Mr. Naseer Kahn +965 498 1094

«  Mine Action FSDVientiane LAOPDR Thailand Mr. Nigel Orr 00856 20 246 1840

«  Pasteur Sarl – Beirut Lebanon – contact Mr. Kamel Sheik + 09961 1 545 775

«  South African Trauma Training Association contact Gerry + 27 11 640-6193

«  Norwegian Peoples Aid Thailand contact Mr.Joseph Huber+ 85620 435 3480

«   Norwegian Peoples Aid- Russia Mr. Jonathan Guthrie +995 916 9852

«   South African Defense Force – contact Mr. T Ravell +27 21 510 5230




      emOx has been saving lives all over the world during natural disasters and during conflicts that have cost many lives.

It would be a pleasure, in deed, to demonstrate the emOx unit so that those in need will always have…..      “THE BREATH OF LIFE”


Green Dot Systems inc. Exclusive Agent to the Americas

Green Dot Systems Inc. a sole source provider.