Green Dot shall replace any manufactured caused damage.  In order for a purchaserto avail himself/herself of this policy they must: (1) inspect the shipped unit upon arrival or as soon thereafter as practicable but under no circumstances more than 5 days after receipt; (2) must notify Green Dot, in writing, of the intent to return that item it is believed to be damaged with 15 days of receipt and (3) must return the damaged item within, and no later than 30 days of receipt.
Failure to meet the above shall be considered a waiver of the return and replacement policy. COD’s on returned items will not be accepted

Privacy Policy

Green Dot Systems Inc. Has always been dedicated to meeting the needs of our customers. Our relationship with you is based on respect and trust. We believe that the privacy of your personal information is very important and cannot be compromised. With this guiding principle in mind, we have established standards to ensure that all personal information of our customers and former customers is secure and confidential. We are pleased to share with you our Privacy Policy for the collection, use, retention and security of information provided to us by customers.
We collect (i) the information we receive from you in your application and supporting documentation, such as your name, address, social security number, assets, employment and income; (ii) the information we receive from your experiences with us, with other EMOX suppliers, and with other service providers, such as your payment history, transaction parties, insurance policy coverage, payment methodology, payment amount, and (iii) the information we receive from consumer reporting agencies, such as your credit worthiness and credit history. We maintain strict physical, electronic and procedural safeguards that comply with federal regulations to protect all of this personal information (“Information”). We restrict access to this Information to only those persons who need to know it in order to provide you with products or services.
We share Information regarding our customers and former customers among EMOX suppliers only in accordance with these strict security standards and confidentiality policies, and applicable laws. We hold our employees and agents fully accountable for adhering to these standards, policies and laws.
We also may share Information with non-financial strategic business partners with whom we have agreements to help provide customers with transportation and importation, and with other companies which help us to conduct business, including for example, credit bureaus and businesses which provide account maintenance, analysis and servicing. We may also provide Information to other non-affiliated companies, regulatory authorities and law enforcement officials in accordance with applicable law.
You may ask us not to share Information, that we receive in your credit application or in your report from     credit bureaus, with other affiliates. If you don’t want such Information shared, you may write to us at  Green Dot Systems Inc. 12450 SW 104 ter. Miami, Fl. 33186, Attention: Administration. Please provide your name, address, social security number and account number(s). Your request not to share such Information does not include Information that we are permitted by law to share, such as Information related to our experiences and transactions with you.
From time to time opportunities arise that we believe will benefit our customers and former customers. On a selective basis, we may share your name, address and telephone number with unrelated parties and strategic partners. We will only provide this information to companies making these offers available to you under strict confidentiality agreements. If you do not want to participate in these opportunities, please refer to the following Notice to learn about how to opt out:



You may complete the attached form if you don’t want your name, address, and phone number shared with unrelated companies for the purpose of offering you products or services available to homeowners. Your request not to share Information does not include Information that we are permitted by law to share, such as with our strategic business partners with whom we have joint marketing or service agreements.
I do not want my name, address and telephone number shared with other companies for the purpose of marketing their products or services to me.

Account Number:

You may mail this form to us at:



By purchasing or using the Services in any manner, the Customer represents
that he has read, understand, and agrees to all terms and conditions set
forth in the Agreement, and that he is at least eighteen (18) years old and
has the legal ability to engage in a contract in the State of Florida. If
the Customer does not accept the Agreement and all terms and conditions set
forth within, he should not purchase or use, in any manner, Services from
the Company or, if he has already purchased Services, he should contact the
Company immediately to terminate the Agreement. It is further understood
that the Agreement is subject to change from time-to-time, in whole or in
part, without prior notice.